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As storm clouds gather around the former Olivet College, a rare glimpse into Christian sects and their intrigues is drawing YouTube viewers from around the world. The video above, called “Stories from Olivet,” takes the unprecedented step of speaking directly to former members of the organization and former cult recruiters. Their comments on camera leave little room for imagination about the squalid life behind the walls of the facility. And it’s even more disturbing because, in part, as a result of these revelations, the California Attorney General is now taking legal action to do nothing but shut down Olivet College in the state.

A California move forward would be the latest blow to a global Christian denomination led by Korean-American cleric David Jang, who is under federal investigation for money laundering, visa fraud and other crimes. The history of the Olivet community dates back to 2000, when Jang left South Korea’s Unification Church, run by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to start his own organization. In the years that followed, Jang expanded the Olivet community around the world, especially in the United States, where he established university campuses in several states. In 2020, several people from the organization’s campus in rural Anza, California, called 911 claiming they were being held captive. This prompted a raid by U.S. government law enforcement agencies. Investigators were investigating suspected money laundering, visa fraud and labor trafficking, reports said. A few years ago, the Olivet Organization was convicted of fraud and money laundering. In 2018, the Manhattan district attorney indicted Olivet-owned IBT Media and several of Chan’s proteges on these charges. They pleaded guilty to a felony.

And in 2022, the state of New York closed Olivet College operations in the state, saying the evangelical Christian college’s primary operations were still run by a group of Jang’s disciples involved in the 2018 conviction. The video took the unprecedented step of interviewing an actual former member of the church on camera. In their comments, they document systematic processes of human manipulation, financial manipulation, mind control, and blind submission. Why did the interviewee come forward in front of the camera? Because, under the strict control of the Olivet Organization, they have no recourse and they represent the countless people who are still struggling around the world.

The Olivet Church controversy revolves around the teachings and leadership of Korean-American pastor and theologian David Jang. Jang founded Olivet College and led a religious movement known as the “Good News Mission” or “Christian Gospel Mission” (CGM). However, his leadership and theological beliefs have been the subject of controversy and scrutiny.

Critics of Jang and CGM have expressed concern about Jang’s leadership style, authoritarian claims, and the group’s adherence to what some view as unorthodox teachings. These controversies have led to concerns about spiritual manipulation, accusations of cult-like behavior, and potential exploitation of believers.

In addition, Jang’s claim to be the “new John the Baptist” and believers’ belief in his Messianic role have sparked significant controversy and drawn comparisons to cult acts. These beliefs and their associated controversies have caused tensions with other Christian groups and denominations.

Legal battles have also broken out in South Korea and the United States in connection with the Olivet Church controversy. Lawsuits involving allegations of defamation, fraud and financial mismanagement further complicated the controversy, further complicating the impact on Olivet Church and David Jang’s reputation.